Monday, 12 August 2013

Zerodha - Trade More Pay Less

Whenever we transact in Equity, F & O, Currency or Commodities, we pay a slew of taxes to the authorities for each transaction. In addition to these the brokerage firm through which we have done the transaction also charges us some amount as brokerage charges.

It is every investor’s and trader’s nightmare to book profits on market transactions even after allocating for the hefty chunk that needs to be shelled-out as the above mentioned mandatory charges. Sometimes the charges by the brokerage firm are divided into slabs and they also vary as per the segment in which you are trading. With all these complications it is difficult to keep a tab as to the actual amount that gets deducted in taxes and brokerage charges and how much (if any!) is earned by the trades.

Enter Discount Broking (Flat-Rate Broking) :

Entering into this scenario is the refreshing new concept introduced by Zerodha, a brokerage firm based in Bangalore.

Zerodha charges a flat-rate of Rs.20/- per order irrespective of order size and thus positioning itself as the cheapest brokerage in India. Considering the fact that regulatory charges like taxes are something that are deducted as per fixed rates about which nothing can be done, a flat brokerage charge of Rs.20/- per order does help a lot in profiting from trading and investing in equity and other segments.

Moreover, opening an account requires the stipulated account opening charges and does not require any minimum deposit whatsoever.  It doesn’t get any more trader friendly and investor friendly than this.

It is a testament to the goodwill generated by Zerodha that it presently has a customer base of 27,000 and has registered a turnover of Rs.22Cr in 2012-13 as per this Hindu BusinessLine report.

Now, RupyaGyan offers a hassle-free way to open an account with Zerodha. Visit our post on Zerodha - Cheapest Brokerage for more details about pricing and charges or better still, fill out the contact form and open an account now!