Sunday, 26 May 2013

Returns Summary of Stocks Listed by RupyaGyan

As RupyaGyan has grown in the past one year, we have tackled issues relating to investing in stocks, tried to explain in very simple ways how to spot good stocks and invest in them at the right time and also we have been analysing various companies and stocks for their strengths and investment opportunities using the concepts outlined by us.

They serve to show that there are indeed some good companies which have been giving good returns YoY and also show that by using certain simple concepts, anyone can make a good investment in stocks.

As we enter a new financial cycle, we felt it is a good time to run a review and see the returns from the stocks that we had listed. For this we assumed that the date of investment was the date on which that particular post was published and we have taken the highest market price which the stock had reached since then. Though we have presented all stock analysis with the view of long term investment, this type of periodical review will show what is the potential of a particular stock investment.

StocksCMP (INR) When PublishedHighest Price (INR) SinceReturns%
Asian Paints3653.20 on 02-Sep-125047 on 21-Mar-1327.6%
Titan Industries241.70 on 20-Sep-12313.60 on 30-Nov-1229.7%
MindTree666.40 on 02-Oct-12924.45 on 03-Apr-1338.7%
Bata930 on 19-Oct-12946 on 27-Nov-121.7%
Tata Coffee1016.80 on 30-Oct-121675 on 08-May-1364.7%
Cera Sanitaryware384.70 on 09-Nov-12477.70 on 07-Mar-1324.1%
Consumer Healthcare
3869.90 on 30-Nov-125248.90 on 17-May-1342.3%
Persistent Systems475.90 on 24-Nov-12589.50 on 23-Jan-201323.8%
CEBBCO92.40 on 31-Dec-12never reached higher price
CMP as on date 17.85
80.6% loss
Yes Bank507.60 on 14-Jan-13547.15 on 20-May-137.7%
Berger Paints171.60 on 28-Jan-13254.70 on 23-May-1348.4%
CCL Products282.20 on 12-Mar-13345.05 on 17-May-1322.3%

From the above we see that barring CEBBCO which was affected by the Mid-cap crash in Jan-2013 and has not recovered since, all the other stocks have given positive returns and the average returns from this portfolio is 20.9% in a span of 9 months. Index returns during the same period were 9%.

This is not to say that those who have not sold at the correct time have lost out. In-fact we believe that all these companies still have untapped potential and long term investment in them will give even higher returns overtime.  Also irrespective of any temporary volatilities in the market, decent returns can be earned if we stick to proper concepts and good companies. Market volatility can give us the much needed entry and exit opportunities as we mentioned in Stock Investments and Market Volatility.

We have not covered stocks which we posted after March-2013 in this review. Those stocks will be included at the appropriate time at a future date. In the meantime we will continue to analyse good companies and give investment ideas.