Sunday, 3 February 2013

Importance of Investing - An Infographic

Why is it important to invest? To have a financially secure life of-course. Good investments will benefit the investor by giving him/her more returns overtime. On the other hand, proper investments are not made in-time, then inflation will certainly catch-up as time passes by.

To understand more clearly the differences in the lifestyle of investors and spenders, we have presented the following infographic.

Ok. The last point was a little over the top!!. But here is the gist.

It is easy to give-in to temptation and spend money as we get it. Expense will find its way like flow of water. But, if we think a little bit and invest some of it in a good financial instrument, it will act like a dam to control our expenditure. Not only will our present be comfortable, but our future too wil be secure financially. Our post on Salary seed to Moneyplant will be a good place to start knowing about RupyaGyan.