This blog is primarily aimed at educating the readers about Stock Markets and Stock Market Investments. The blog should only be seen as a reference and should not be taken as a guide to stocks and companies.

For the purpose of illustration of concepts that are necessary for any investor, different case studies may be posted from time to time. Though the companies covered in these case studies have a sound background and may indeed be good investment options, our analysis of these companies is limited to illustrating the concepts needed to educate an investor about the stock market. In no case should these case studies be seen as technical analysis of any kind. There are many other sites and financial institutions which are better equipped to do the job and readers are advised to take their expert opinion before investing.

Please treat this site as an educational blogroll trying to create awareness among the general public about the advantages of investing in stocks. RupyaGyan is not responsible or liable towards any losses incurred due to any investments by the readers.

Updated : 16-Aug-2013